Kinesiology tape, Strengthtape

Kinesiology tape is applied on muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints providing a breathable lightweight support during rehabilitation, training or competition. Kinesiology tape provides neuromuscular feedback to your body while either inhibiting or facilitating the firing of muscles and tendons. When applied to joints kinesiology tape provides support and stability without the restriction or bulk associated with common wraps or braces. Force Physical Therapy utilizes Strength Tape brand kinesiology tape due to its vastly superior stretch and adhesiveness compared to similar pr

Benefits of Kinesiology Taping:

  • Pain Relief via structural support for weak or injured body parts
  • Muscular Support
  • Relaxation of overworked muscles
  • Swelling/Inflammation Reduction through passive lifting of skin
  • Quicker Recovery after training/competition

oducts allowing patients to benefit from tape up to 3-5 days after application.