Paige McPherson, PTA

Paige McPherson, PTA


Paige received an Associates degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade in 2017. However, during her career of TaeKwonDo Paige decided to change routes in her education and went on to pursue a Physical Therapy Assistant degree after graduating from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Keiser University in December 2022.

Athletic Experience

Paige McPherson nicknamed “McFierce” is a 3x Olympian and 2012 Bronze Medalist in the sport of TaeKwonDo. When deciding to retire from competitive Taekwondo after her third Olympic appearance in Tokyo 2021, her retirement marked the end of one chapter and opened up another exciting new path towards her new found love of Physical Therapy. Driven by her passion for physical wellness and the desire to help others, Paige pursued a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). Her deep understanding of the human body, coupled with her own experiences as an elite athlete, enables her to provide exceptional care to her patients. Paige is dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to recovery as she did with several injuries, and help her patients regain strength, mobility, and overall well-being in order to pursue their own endeavors.

Areas of Interest

Even in her retirement, Paige’s pursuit of perfection and sports continues to burn brightly. She remains an ardent advocate for the importance of health and wellness alongside discipline, determination, and goal-setting. She seeks to continue to inspire others to pursue their dreams relentlessly, just as she did.

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