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Running Rehabilitation & Performance

Running injuries can be formidable obstacles for athletes striving to maximize their sports performance. However, an injury should not stop you from achieving your maximum potential or goals. Understanding the causes of running injuries and prevention is key to improving overall performance. At Force Physical Therapy, our board certified therapists are dedicated in helping you return to pain-free running. Our individualized running performance and rehabilitation programs will have you running at your desired level.

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Running Analysis

The use of 2-D running analysis services allow us to visualize your biomechanics throughout the running cycle. Our extensive biomechanical evaluation, along with data obtained during the running analysis, allows our therapists to identify deficits and asymmetries in your running mechanics. The Data collected will be used to implement a personalized treatment to help improve your running economy and reduce running related injuries.

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Strength and Conditioning

Runners are susceptible to extremely high loads over long periods of time called ground reaction forces. These forces are transmitted from the ground into the muscles, tendons, and bones of our body with each step over the duration of a run. Therefore, Our strength and conditioning training can ensure your tissues will withstand these large ground reaction forces and reduce the likelihood of injury resulting in less time missed running. Engaging in a customized strength and conditioning program will help prevent injury, improve running economy, endurance, increase power and speed, amongst countless other benefits. Let us customize an individualized strength program for you to maintain pain-free running and continue to crush PRs!

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Principles of Movement