Sports Performance Rehab

Return to Sport | Injury Prevention | Recovery

Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation | Pain Management | Manual Interventions


Strong Body | Healthy Mind

Additional Heading

Remote Physical Therapy & Programming

Telehealth | Weekly/Monthly Programs | Customized Exercises

Recovery Package

Decrease Soreness | Expedite Recovery | Optimize Health


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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Decrease Joint Loading | Increase Strength | Improve Endurance

Shockwave Therapy

Promote Healing | Decrease Pain | Non-Invasive

Dry Needle Therapy

Minimize Pain | Trigger Point | Normalize Inflammation

Alter G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) Therapy

Post-Op Walking | Minimize Joint Impact | Return to Running

Pain Management Therapy

Manual Therapy | Therapeutic Exercise | Passive Modalities

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Objectify fitness levels prior to returning to work