Dr. Simon Un, PT, DPT

Dr. Simon Un, PT, DPT


Dr. Un is a double alumni from the University of Miami. He first completed his B.S in Health Science in 2020, with minors in Chemistry and Exercise Physiology. He then graduated from the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2023.

Prior to Force Physical Therapy

Prior to Force Physical Therapy, Dr. Un spent his clinical rotations at many orthopedic clinics, where he learned about rehabilitation pertaining to the general public, post-surgery patients, and athletes of the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

Athletic Experience

Dr. Un has an extensive history of powerlifting and bodybuilding, and has had experience with crossfit and other forms of competitive exercise. He participated in high school track and field as a sprinter, running in the 55, 100, and 200 meter events. Dr. Un continues with his powerlifting and bodybuilding path, as well as playing basketball recreationally.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Un is interested about all aspects of sports, fitness, physical health, and overall wellness. He focuses on providing the most appropriate exercises for each patient and educating patients on why the selected exercises will help their current problems. He plans on continuing his education in the future to provide greater care for his patients.

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